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The team is self-organized and empowered to make decisions, as this will, later on, make them feel responsible for the delivered product.

The team has a product owner which is acknowledged by the other team members; if you are an offshore/ nearshore agile software company, it's highly recommended that you replicate the product owner role on the team's site as well.

A clear goal is set for each sprint. Any new task is started only after the previous one has been completed.

The timescale remains fixed, no matter of how much the requirement evolves.

Any iteration produces a fully deployable software application.

The entire team is included in each sprint retrospective meeting.

The sprint respects the agreed time box.

At the end of each sprint, successfully tested software is produced.

Daily scrums take place at the same time every day.

The size of each feature on the product backlog/feature list is estimated by the team, using points.

The team does not exceed 9 members and the multitasking should be reduced to a tolerable level.

A task board is used in order to check and modify the state of the tasks of the current sprint.

Maintain a close, daily cooperation between business people and the agile software company's engineers.

The team generates burn down charts to track progress daily.

The team generates burn down charts to track progress daily.

You make sure that you keep your team's morale high (OK, this not a SP Technosoft must-do, but it is something that will help you a lot

The math is simple: if you score 15 out of 15, you are a SP Technosoft guru and you run one of the coolest agile software companies around.